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Empowering The Children of Rangsei Village: Sadie and Neil

Yesterday we told you about our free “bus service” which we provide to help children in rural Cambodia reach school each day. Our tuk-tuk service picks children up from villages within a 20km radius of our school. Without this service, six-year-old Sadie would be unable to attend school.

Sadie lives with an aunt and her two siblings due to the divorce of her parents when she was very small. Sadie’s aunt works at a local factory to earn enough money to support the children, but the family still struggles greatly to make ends meet.

Sadie is in Grade 1 of our Rangsei school.  In her free time, she likes reading and helping her friends with their reading.

At school, Sadie enjoys doing math calculations and told her teacher that she, too, would like to teach when she is older. We have a feeling that bright and determined Sadie would make a wonderful teacher!

As one of the older children, 14-year-old Neil is able to cycle from another village to attend our Rangsei school. Kind LWB donors have funded the purchase of bicycles for older children to get to school and back home again.

Neil and his three younger siblings live with their grandmother. His parents work as day laborers on a cassava farm.

Neil’s grandmother works as a nanny at our Sokhem Sibling School.

Neil’s grandfather is disabled, having lost his leg during Cambodia’s civil war. In the past, Neil missed school on many occasions as he searched for food for his family to eat. We’re so thankful that he can now attend Rangsei and be enrolled in one of our “catch up” programs. We want to encourage him in every way to continue his education to better his future.

Both Neil and Sadie are working hard to make brighter futures for themselves and their families.

We’d love your help to make sure that Sadie and Neil’s education costs are fully funded. Please visit our website to sign up for a monthly sponsorship.

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