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Endearing Jonathan

Jonathan has a very unusual nickname! He is known as “Small Six-Six” (translated directly from the Chinese) because he has six digits on his right hand. He tends to respond to this name more than his given Chinese name with his very endearing smile. Jonathan is two years and seven months old and has been in our Xiangtan foster care program in Hunan since October 2009.

Since becoming part of his foster family, Jonathan has become very attached to his foster parents, particularly to his foster dad (pictured below with a bundled-up Jonathan).

Although Jonathan was slow to begin walking, he is a very determined little guy and kept “practicing” by pushing a stool around in front of him until he got it right. He is quite strong and is able to get to most places that he wanted to go. Now he can walk very well, and this has opened up a new world for him, as he can interact with other children when the occasion arises. Jonathan is very open to new experiences and trying out new things, whether it’s tasting a different type of food or playing with different toys. He likes to share these experiences with those close to him, such as his foster parents and LWB’s foster care manager when she comes to visit.

Jonathan is such an endearing little boy. When he was younger he seemed more serious, but now he smiles a lot. In fact, he has a good sense of humor and it’s easy to make him laugh. This wonderful boy would thrive in his own “forever” family, and it’s our opinion that the family who adopts Jonathan will be very fortunate indeed.

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