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Ending the Year with our Top Ten Photos of 2018

Every year we sort through thousands of pictures taken in our programs over the last twelve months to come up with our Top Ten Photos. In today’s blog , we are sharing two photos that we are featuring as honorable mentions and our favorite Photos 5-10. Watch for tomorrow’s blog where we bring you the Top Five!

Honorable Mention 1

We know that there aren’t any children in this photo, but we had to include it in our favorites because it’s just a cool shot. Every day in Cambodia, our dedicated tuk-tuk drivers make the long journey between rural villages to pick up children enrolled in our Believe in Me schools. Cambodia has a very long monsoon season, with downpours that make the dirt roads almost impassable. Despite the difficult conditions, our drivers are determined that no child will miss school. This photo was taken early in the morning after one tuk-tuk became completely stuck in the mud. Our team members quickly ran to the rescue to help the driver get safely on his way.

Honorable Mention 2

Behold Meme Cat, our favorite “made-us-smile” photo of the year. While we never show the faces of the children in our Safe Haven foster care program in Cambodia, their pets are a different story. Four-year-old Alkira absolutely adores the kittens in her foster home, while Mr. Grumpy seems to be thinking, “Tiny human…I am tolerating your affection.” The children in this essential program have all lived through unthinkable things, and we believe that having dogs and cats for them to love can be a therapeutic part of their healing.

Number Ten

Underneath all that purple is 5-year-old Maiana, a little girl in our Lanzhou foster care program in China who has been with LWB since she was taking her first steps. Born with a congenital heart defect which has healed, Maiana remains prone to respiratory issues. Winters in Lanzhou can be extremely cold, as Gansu province is in the northwest of China, so Maiana’s foster mom doesn’t take any chances on her catching a cold or the flu. For their morning walk to the local kindergarten, this loving foster mom always bundles Maiana up warmly. What a striking photo of Maiana sporting her new LWB coat with her “mom-required” protective mask.

Number Nine

Is there anything better than sharing a good book with a friend? This year at our Believe In Me Sokhem school in Cambodia, we expanded our education complex with an art and library building so the children’s imaginations can soar even higher. We loved this photo of Joanna and Hazel laughing together during free reading time. It’s an extra-special photo to us because ten-year-old Hazel (on the left) has four older siblings who all dropped out of school in 5th grade to find jobs to support the family. We’re so happy she now has the opportunity to attend school right in her village and will be encouraging her nonstop to continue her education. Hazel is excited about coming to school each day and is excelling at both reading and spelling…thanks to your support.

Number Eight

Could this photo of Olive and her tiny feet be any cuter? This sweet little girl came into our hands at our Heartbridge Healing Home in China as a weak and fragile preemie with a congenital heart defect. The nannies at the home got down to business feeding, holding, and loving baby Olive, and thankfully she quickly gained strength. Soon, she was meeting developmental milestones and calling loudly for her favorite caregiver. Because of the help LWB supporters provided, Olive not only became a happy and healthy one-year-old, but she was chosen by a local family for adoption. We wish them every happiness in their new life together.

Number Seven

Did you know that over one billion people around the world don’t have access to safe lighting and must rely on burning wood or kerosene to see indoors? Many of the children in our programs in rural Cambodia live in homes without electricity or water, and, once the sun goes down in the evening, their lives are plunged into darkness. For the children in our schools, a lack of light means that they are unable to study or do homework in the evenings, which limits their educational progress. This year, LWB partnered with an innovative company to provide solar-powered lamps to over 500 children. We loved this photo of Nicky showing us that he can now “light the night” with his new sun-powered lantern.

Number Six

We never get tired of seeing photos of orphaned children feeling loved, and this photo of Jared and his nanny at the Mukono Baby Room in Uganda sure illustrates that clearly. Jared was abandoned as a newborn and came to stay at the healing home soon after. His sweet and peaceful personality quickly endeared him to his nannies, who always enjoyed taking him outside to enjoy the sun.

Tomorrow we will share our top five photos of 2018. (If you can’t wait, please visit our website to see them all now!)

As you look at the children’s beautiful faces, we hope you will realize our life-changing work is only possible because of your kindness and support. Please consider being part of our year-end Let Love Shine campaign to allow us to help more children in 2019.

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