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Ending the Year with Our Top Ten Photos of 2018: The Top Five

Yesterday, we shared 7 of our favorite photos from 2018. Today, we hope you’ll take a few moments to check out the best of the best — our most-loved photos of the past year!

Peek-a-boo, Libby, but you still have to nap. Our Sibling School in Cambodia was created to provide a safe and nurturing environment for the youngest children in Sokhem Village while their older siblings attend our primary school. Babies and toddlers here are often cared for by older brothers and sisters while their parents migrate to work. The Sibling School provides quality nutrition and early childhood learning from the earliest age possible. Naptime at the school often involves hammocks, which the nannies use to gently rock the children to sleep. When this photo was taken, 1-year-old Libby was far more interested in our manager’s camera than drifting off to dreamland.

Number Five

When this photo was taken, 1-year-old Libby was far more interested in our manager’s camera than drifting off to dreamland.

We absolutely adore this photo of Ian and his foster mom in Uganda because there’s no mistaking the joy in his eyes at finally having a family of his own. Ian lived in the Mukono Baby Room for over two years after he was discovered all alone. When we were ready to launch our new foster care program in Uganda, Ian was our very first placement. 

Top 10 Photos
Number Four

With the care of his devoted mom, Ian has blossomed into a social and very active toddler. His foster mom reports he is the center of attention in his neighborhood, and we’re thrilled that he has so quickly become a treasured member of the community.

This photo is so great it doesn’t even need an explanation, but we have to brag on 2-year-old Erin in our Heartbridge Healing Home in China. Erin was born with Down Syndrome and a congenital heart defect, and her orphanage called us for help when she was an infant as she struggled to eat and was continually ill.

Number Three

 Once Erin received the nutrition and care she needed to thrive, she began charming our nannies nonstop. It’s clear to see from this picture that she brings joy wherever she goes!

Four-year-old Sampson was the very first child in LWB’s Cambodia foster care program, and he was placed with an older widow with so much love to share. The two of them are pretty much inseparable. 

Number Two

Earlier this year, Sampson’s grandma had to be hospitalized for a week when she unfortunately became quite ill. She was beside herself missing her little shadow, and Sampson asked constantly when Grandma was coming back. Those who were there when they were finally reunited said that the light and happiness in their eyes when they saw each other again was like pure sunshine. We think this photo sums up perfectly how little Sampson felt to finally have his beloved nana back home.

Baby Mya came into our care as a tiny newborn, after being found on a cold winter day with exposure, pneumonia, and life-threatening esophageal atresia. Thanks to our amazing supporters, she received the emergency surgery she needed to survive. While in the hospital, we learned that Mya also had a small hole in her heart; so she was admitted to our healing home for continued monitoring. This past spring, LWB held our first international cardiac exchange, and this beautiful picture was captured of little Mya holding tightly to the hand of one of the heart docs.

Number One

We chose this image as our number one photo of the year as it reminded us so clearly that every orphaned child needs human contact and the tender gift of connection. Far too many children around the world are living right now feeling completely alone and forgotten.

Until the day comes that every child born knows what it means to be loved… our critical work must continue. THANK YOU for partnering with us to help change their lives.

Please consider being part of our year-end Let Love Shine campaign to allow us to help more children in 2019.

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