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Erin: Preparing for Heart Surgery

Little Erin is a beautiful ten-month-old girl with Down Syndrome who has been living at our Heartbridge Healing Home. In addition to being diagnosed with Down Syndrome, Erin also has a heart defect called ventricular septal defect, or VSD.  Heart defects are actually a very common health issue for children born with Down Syndrome.

2016-06-14 ErinOne of Erin’s first photos at Heartbridge

Recently, our nannies noticed that Erin’s lips and fingers were turning blue when she exerted herself and that she needed a break during feedings. Although she has gained weight since coming to Heartbridge, the nannies haven’t been able to help her strengthen her core due to her weakness, and she is quite floppy. Even being held by her nannies wears Erin out as it takes a lot of energy to her to hold her body upright.

Doctors have been concerned with Erin’s pulmonary pressures, which are becoming higher.  In addition, babies with heart disease are prone to pneumonia in the colder months of winter. For all of these reasons, doctors feel that Erin must have surgery immediately.


We haven’t yet had time to raise all the funds needed for Erin’s heart surgery, but doctors feel that it could be dangerous to wait. On behalf of little Erin, who has just begun to grace us with some smiles, we would be so grateful for anyone who would like to make a donation, in any amount, towards her heart surgery and post-op care!

Please keep this beautiful baby girl in your thoughts and prayers tomorrow for a successful surgery.

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