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Estelle’s Fighting Spirit

In late September, we were contacted by an orphanage about Estelle, a newborn girl whom they had just received who had to be rushed to the local hospital.

Estelle found 9.15

Estelle was suffering from severe pneumonia, which can be life-threatening in a newborn, as well as an esophageal deformity. In order to save her life, we immediately moved Estelle to a larger pediatric hospital better equipped to handle her care. Thankfully, our Emergency Medical Fund made it possible for Estelle to be transferred the very next day.

Estelle 9.30.15

Upon arrival at the pediatric hospital, Estelle was admitted to the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) in critical condition. She was so tiny and was fighting so valiantly against a pneumonia infection that we were all just hoping she had the strength to continue to fight another day.


During this time, it was also discovered that Estelle’s esophagus wasn’t completely connected and contained several fistulas (tiny holes). As soon as the antibiotics had the infection under control, Estelle had successful surgery on her esophagus.

Estelle 10.31.15

More than one month later, Estelle was finally stable enough to discharge from the hospital to our Anhui Healing Home. Here she will receive the specialized medical care she needs to catch up to other babies her age.

Estelle nanny 11.15

Once she has packed on some pounds and is developing appropriately for her age, we expect her to graduate to our foster care program.

Estelle’s story illustrates the importance of our Emergency Medical Fund. Often, we don’t have a minute to wait when children come to our attention in need of healing. Despite her fighting spirit, Estelle likely wouldn’t have made it another week without our intervention.

Estelle 11.15

Now this little peanut only has to concentrate on sleeping, eating and growing. She sure looks happy to be done with the trauma of her first few weeks and ready to move on to the adventures that lie in store for her!

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  • Brenob says:

    I would very much like to adopt this baby. Please let me know how I can go about doing this. Please send mean email response to:bjnobles823@gmail.com, Thank you very much.

  • Peggy says:

    Thank you for this update, so glad she is “happy” which means she is better. Thanks to LWB