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Etan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Late last year a tiny two-month old boy was admitted to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home. He was diagnosed as being premature and also as having some liver dysfunction. The nannies were almost afraid to pick him up as he appeared so fragile, and he barely had the strength to cry.

After spending the winter and spring being treated and loved in the healing home, Etan made great progress. Initially his cries became stronger, and he began to open his eyes and become aware of his surroundings. The nannies were happy to report that they could make him smile by tickling him!

Soon Etan’s skin looked rosy instead of yellow. He became quite expressive and enjoyed interacting with the nannies when they talked to and played with him. Recently he was healthy enough to graduate to LWB’s Zhang Village Foster Care Program.

Etan now needs sponsors to support him in foster care. What a treat it will be to see this beautiful boy become even stronger and more responsive as he begins to enjoy being part of a foster family! Sponsorships are $35 per month month, and sponsors will receive monthly photos and reports. We hope you will consider being a part of Etan’s life in foster care!

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