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Etan’s Transformation

In late 2012 LWB was called by a rural orphanage that had just found premature twins outside their facility. These tiny little babies, a boy and a girl, weighed just 1 kg each. Sadly we quickly learned that the little girl had passed away before she could receive help. Her brother, whom we named Etan, was rushed to the Provincial Children’s Hospital, where he was admitted to the NICU for emergency treatment.


Week by week we celebrated Etan’s progress in the hospital, and finally he was able to be discharged to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home, weighing in at a mighty four pounds. Our nannies got to work, gently holding him and feeding him. Just a few months after his arrival, he was the very picture of health. Etan was soon charming everyone with his many expressions and began meeting development milestones like rolling over and holding toys. By summer he was able to graduate into our Zhang Village foster care program. His foster grandparents have fallen completely in love with this adorable little boy, and he is thriving under their care.


While it still hurts our hearts to know that Etan’s twin sister passed away, we are so thankful that this little baby has beaten the odds and now is so completely loved. We smile when we hear from his grandpa that during the day his favorite activity is to be carried around for “tours in the village,” or when his grandma tells us proudly that his favorite activity is exploring, even if it means he likes to throw all of the clothes from her cabinet or moves their shoes from the shoe rack. It is no surprise that Etan’s new favorite word to say in Chinese is “bao” (carry me)! This beautiful little boy loves to be where all the action is.


We are so grateful to everyone who has helped sponsor Etan’s transformation. Thank you for giving this precious child a new chance at a healthy life. We know that any day now we will be hearing that Etan has taken his first steps, and then we will all have to be thinking of his grandparents, who will likely need to run to keep up with him!

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