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Ethan’s Emergency Medical Fund

Baby Oliver

Ethan’s Emergency Medical Fund was recently established in honor of a newborn baby with urgent medical needs who was abandoned — baby Ethan.

Baby Ethan sadly passed away while we were working on raising the needed funds for his care. Love Without Boundaries is asked several times each month to help children with critical medical issues who simply cannot wait to be moved to the hospital. Most often we are contacted about children who are born prematurely, have serious heart defects or anal atresia.

Baby Ethan

Thanks to the generosity of the MariaMarina Foundation, LWB has established “Ethan’s Emergency Medical Fund”, an account which will allow us to say “YES” to children and provide the urgent medical care they need.

We have already relied on this fund to move Oliver for heart surgery. Children like Oliver will now be able to receive the treatment they need right away, and then we will work to raise the donations they need to replenish the fund. We never again want to be faced with turning away a precious child with an urgent, life-threatening medical need.

We cannot thank the MariaMarina Foundation enough for their generous support of our most vulnerable children.

Kate Finco is the Medical Director for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Wisconsin, USA, with her husband Tom. They have 4 children: 3 bio kids and the youngest who was adopted from Guangdong Province, China in 2006.

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