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Eleven years ago, LWB was begun to help save the lives of four beautiful children with heart disease. Since that time, hundreds of children born with heart defects have found healing and then adoption, all thanks to your support.  With the rise of birth defects in China over the last decade, however, the children we are asked to help by orphanages have increasingly complex conditions. Thankfully, we have a partnership with one of the top pediatric cardiac hospitals in China, and so these precious babies have the best chance possible of being healed.

Jane in hospitalJane

This week we have three children at Children’s Hospital of FuDan University in Shanghai: Jane, Patrick, and Dominic. Little Jane was discovered when she was two months old and critically ill, and surgeons felt an immediate operation was necessary to save her life. She sadly developed a severe pneumonia following her surgery and has been in the ICU for several weeks.

7-29 Patrick 5Patrick

Patrick came into our hands just hours after his birth as we were visiting his orphanage when he was found outside the gate. He needed emergency surgery for anal atresia, and then it was discovered that he has a highly complex heart issue that needs surgery right away. Doctors feel there is a small window of time to do a one-stage repair while his pulmonary artery has good blood flow, so we are moving forward with surgery even before raising the funds.

Dominic_2014-7-27 (2)

Dominic has TOF and has also been in our care since he was just a tiny baby. He had a successful first-stage heart operation last year. We had hoped he would be adopted before needing the second stage, but his adoption file still has not been completed, so he needs to undergo the next stage in China. This beautiful little boy has stolen all of our hearts, and we are all praying for a successful repair.

Today we are asking for your help for these amazing children who deserve a chance at being healed. Would you consider making a $20 donation to our heart fund? It is becoming increasingly difficult to raise the needed funds for the children with cardiac issues, and we believe it is because the costs have risen so much over the last eleven years. We think when people see that $15,000 is needed for an operation, they might feel their $20 won’t make a difference, but it absolutely does! It is when we all come together to say “this child’s life MATTERS” that the real miracles take place.

Thank you for standing with us to help heal babies with heart issues. You are helping save the life of someone’s future son or daughter. We are beyond grateful.

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