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Every Little Girl’s Dream

Every little girl dreams of being a princess. In an orphanage, I can only imagine that every little girl dreams of having a family of her very own first, and that being a princess would come somewhere after that.

Jayda entered the Fuyang foster care program in August of 2008 a shy, scared little girl. She adjusted well to her new foster family, started attending kindergarten, and recently had a new foster brother added to her family. Month after month, I receive Jayda’s updates and open them anxiously awaiting the day when I will see a smile on her sweet face. What a wonderful surprise when I opened her July foster care update and saw how hard she was working on that smile.

Could it be that Jayda has had two dreams come true? We have learned that she has been chosen by a family, and she definitely looks like a princess in her pretty green dress. We hope all of your dreams come true, Princess Jayda!

Vicki Hossack is the Fuyang Foster Care Coordinator. She lives in Illinois with her husband of 18 years and the youngest two of their five children. Her youngest daughter, Meili, was adopted in 2006, a waiting child from Shanxi Province.

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