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Expanding Foster Care in Cambodia

Love Without Boundaries is honored to be one of the only charities in western Cambodia providing foster care to children. We currently have two foster care programs in place: Safe Haven foster care for children who have been trafficked or severely abused, and traditional foster care for children who have become orphaned or abandoned.

Our traditional foster care program has recently added five additional children to our care. In the first case, sisters Tessa and Libby were found living completely alone by neighbors in their village. The police were called, and they contacted LWB to see if we could provide a long-term foster care placement for the girls after confirming that their parents had moved away without them.

We are very glad we could provide a safe home for these sisters. Tessa has never attended school before, so we have enrolled her in school so she can finally receive an education.

Just weeks later, LWB was called again, this time for a sibling group of three. Tate, Leah, and Kira were also found to be abandoned by concerned villagers. The village leader called LWB Cambodia Director Leng to ask for help, and a loving foster family was found.

In addition to foster care and nutritional support, we are providing these children with education as well. Tate will attend preschool, while Leah and Kira will have fun at our Sokhem Sibling School each day while their new foster mom works.

In both these cases, we are naturally saddened by the deep losses the children have suffered in being left on their own. We are glad, however, that the siblings can remain together in foster care versus being sent far away to government orphanages.

It is part of LWB’s process to search for birth family in the cases where abandonment has occurred and to investigate the reasons that led to the children being on their own. We look at each case very carefully with the information we have in order to make sure we are doing everything we can in the best interest of each child.

If reunification with birth family is safe and appropriate in the future, it could be considered. If not, we will be there for them to provide a safe and loving home, proper nutrition and education, and to encourage healing for their hurting hearts.

Each of these children needs help to support their foster care placement. Please consider becoming a sponsor for Tessa, Libby, Tate, Leah, or Kira!

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  • LWB says:

    Hi Alison, and thanks for our interest. Cambodia is currently closed for international adoption but we are so happy we can help support these children to live together as siblings in a family setting.

  • Alison says:

    In the event they cannot be reunited with relatives would these children ever be eligible for adoption or a permanent home? If the siblings remained together?