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Weighing just 12 pounds at 14 months old, little Fabian came to us with blue lips and fingers and was having great difficulty breathing. His orphanage was very concerned about how weak he was andĀ asked if we could help.


Last week, we arranged for Fabian to have a heart catheterization which showed that he did indeed have a complex heart defect — but that it was operable! We were so relieved to learn that he may have a chance at a healthy life.


Since little Fabian had to spend so much time in the hospital, we hired a caregiver to stay with him, and these two have truly bonded. She says that all he wants to do is eat and eat and eat — and that he is getting a double chin, which is wonderful!


The nanny sleeps in the same bed with him at night, and he’s turned into a real snuggle bunny. Fabian will grudgingly allow others to hold him as long as he can keep an eye on his nanny at all times.


During his time in the ICU, Fabian became very sick with a high fever, but he is hopefully going to be strong enough for surgery tomorrow. HisĀ heart condition, combined with the fever, has made him a very weak and tired boy. He is still struggling for every breath.


Fabian’s heart surgery, called the “Glenn” procedure, is scheduled for tomorrow. We would appreciate all thoughts and prayers on this beautiful boy’s behalf!

We hold onto hope that he will come through surgery with flying colors, that his skin will no longer be blue but instead be a beautiful healthy shade of pink, and ultimately that a family will come forward for him. Please hope along with us!

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