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There is a contest on Facebook right now, supported by the Case Foundation. Every day, the charity that gets the most unique donors wins $1000, and on February 1st, the charity that has the most unique donations wins FIFTY THOUSAND DOLLARS. Yes, $50,000. Right now, the charity in the lead has “just” 268 people who donated to them.

To register a donation, someone only has to give $10. Would it be possible for us to find more than 268 people on Facebook who want to help orphaned children in China? Wouldn’t it be so wonderful to know we had $50,000 extra to help children with urgent needs?

If you are on Facebook or know people who are, please let them know that LWB is now registered as of today. Yes, we are behind in the polls, but we can turn that around, right? The power of the adoption world is an amazing one! You have to donate through Facebook…that is the one catch, but I am hoping there is a way to let people in the adoptive world who are part of Facebook know they can help change a life by giving $10.

As you will see from my next blog about some very critical babies….we could use those funds to save some very precious lives.

Here is the facebook link:



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