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Faith: Determination, Courage, and Pride

Courage, determination, pride…that’s what little girls are made of.
~Author Unknown


Born with a spinal meningocele that had ruptured by time she was abandoned less than a week after her birth, sweet Faith came into the care of Love Without Boundaries (See our blog, “Prayers for Baby Faith“). Plans were made to send her urgently to a hospital in Shanghai, where she arrived with dirt in every wrinkle of her little body. The nurses gave her a warm bath, applied lotion, and she fell fast asleep in the warm incubator.


Faith had surgery later that day but developed an infection at the surgery site.

baby faith 1

Seven weeks after arriving at the hospital, Faith was discharged to LWB’s Anhui Healing Home. She was just starting to settle in when she needed to return to the hospital due to developing hydrocephalus and needing a shunt.

We were so excited when we received the latest update on Faith. She is a very sweet baby girl who loves to smile and always has a smile on her face.


Faith likes to play with all kinds of toys, and she loves to be cuddled by people. She giggles when she plays in the yard. Her mental development meets her age. Although she isn’t able to move her lower extremities, she can put herself in a sitting position.


Thanks to our wonderful sponsors, precious Faith has been given the gifts of healing and hope of a brighter future!

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