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Fan: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Fan is our Medical Program’s newest Unity Fund child. He has been struggling with intestinal issues and was recently diagnosed with megacolon.


He was seen in the local hospital, but when his condition worsened he was transferred to a hospital in Shanghai. Unfortunately his condition continued to deteriorate and the doctors recommended immediate surgery. The surgery happened in mid-April, but his parents are too poor to pay the full hospital bill.


Fan’s father has a very small stature (4.5 feet tall) and works in a clothing factory. His mother is disabled with a joint deformity and cannot work. She stays home and takes care of Fan and his eight-year-old sister. Fan’s father writes:

In the past days, we have spent most time to bring him to see doctors; so there is no income source for my family. Because of the huge medical cost for him, now we have borrowed money from every possible friend or relative. Now our family has been poor in desperate situation, now we have no ability to pay for his surgical and medical expenses. Here I sincerely and earnestly request all caring public to help my family to get through the hardest time. On behalf of our family, I sincerely thank you all.


If you would like to help with Fan’s medical expenses, your donation in any amount will be greatly appreciated by us and especially by Fan’s family.

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