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Fang Lee and LWB

This summer LWB has a very special intern working with us on the ground in China.  Many of you might recognize Fang Lee from the important adoption documentary “Somewhere Between.”    Fang has volunteered for LWB for many years, and we were honored to have been able to help her get assistance for the little girl she met in Anhui featured in the movie.

Fang will be working on several key projects for LWB this summer.   First she will be conducting creativity workshops for the teachers at all of our Believe in Me schools, so she will be logging many miles as she boards trains to the north, south, east, AND west of China.   During these workshops she will also be interviewing children about the question, “What is adoption?”    Our hope is to create a short video to help educate potential adoptive parents that most orphaned children honestly have no idea what that word even means.

Fang will also be spending a great deal of time meeting and interviewing young adults who have aged out of the orphanage system in China.  We know this population of children is one that so many people worry about, and there are frequently myths circulated in social media that all orphaned children are 100% destined for a life on the streets if not adopted.   Our goal over the next month is for Fang to gather their stories.  What do they feel was helpful from charities as they grew up?   What more do they feel needs to be done to give older children the best chance possible of successfully bridging to society?

And if that isn’t enough to keep her busy, Fang will also be working on encouraging university professors and students in China to put together a college volunteer program for orphaned children.

We will periodically be featuring her activities here on LWB Community!

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  • Patt Kelsey says:

    WOW! Doing things that are, or soon will be, making a BIG difference in the lives of China’s orphans! We need more groups like LWB and more people like Fang Lee. I think approaching the college students in China is a super idea! I’m especially interested to hear more about the ‘aged out’ orphans and what is, or CAN be done, for those who aren’t fortunate enough to be adopted in time. Thank LWB for all that you do!

  • Phil Rhodes says:

    Wow, those are great projects. My wife and I saw Somewhere Between, and we’re big fans of Fang and her work! It will be interesting to see the results of her interviews and her work with aged out orphans.