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Farrell the Brave

In a perfect world, the life of a newborn infant should be a peaceful one: eating, sleeping, snuggling warmly up against momma. A baby’s needs are met quickly, and after a little cuddle time, they fall contentedly back to sleep. That’s how it should be, but shortly after his birth, Farrell’s perfect world turned upside-down.

Near the end of January, a 10-day-old infant came into the care of the Kaifeng orphanage in Henan Province. He was severely burned below the waist, with third-degree burns covering over ten percent of his tiny body. The entire back of his left leg, from buttocks to heal is one massive scar, with additional burns on his right side as well. Nobody is sure how this happened, but the newborn was in terrible pain. The orphanage director contacted LWB to see if we could help, and our medical team immediately got to work. One of our wonderful supporters read about our tiny burn victim on the LWB Facebook page, and offered medical advice, having been through similar burns herself. She asked that his western name be “Farrell,” which means “brave.” So Farrell it is.

Although there was no special Burn Unit that we could send him to, our medical team arranged for Farrell to be treated at a hospital in the provincial capital. Our China staff checked on him daily and let us know that he had a successful skin grafting procedure on February 3rd. Thankfully, the skin grafts from Farrell’s back took very well, and he was able to be released from the hospital three weeks later. He would need intensive care to make sure his wounds did not become infected and also to keep his skin soft and moist. He would also need to have his legs stretched regularly, to prevent contracture of the skin grafts. We were grateful to be able to free up a bed at our Heartbridge Pediatric Healing Unit, and Farrell arrived on February 24th.

At one month old, there were just a few spots on his legs that hadn’t yet healed, but Farrell arrived in surprisingly good shape. Dr. Hill remarked that she could see in his eyes that he had been through a terrible ordeal, but she thought he would be okay with a diligent skin care regimen. Our newest resident, Farrell does not yet have any sponsors to help fund his care at Heartbridge. If you would like to help and follow Farrell’s brave journey, sponsorships and donations are being accepted on our website on his sponsor page.

Jan Champoux is Heartbridge Coordinator for Love Without Boundaries Foundation. She lives in Nebraska, USA with husband Rob and four children. Jan and Rob have a son and daughter in college, and also a son adopted from Korea, and a daughter adopted from China, both of whom are in the fifth grade.

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