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Faye’s Dream

Little Faye is almost four years old. Due to her family’s financial hardship, both of her parents work as migrants far away from her hometown.

Fortunately, Faye lives with her grandma and grandpa, who told us that she loves to sing and dance more than anything. They said she is like a little spirit who came out of a fairy tale to bring endless joy to them.

Sadly, when she was one year old, doctors diagnosed her with severe pulmonary stenosis, and her family was unable to pay for her operation. For two years they worried and felt helpless, but thankfully this year they heard about LWB’s Unity Initiative and applied right away. Faye was admitted to the hospital in August, where she underwent a very successful heart surgery.

Faye had always wanted to be a dancer when she grew up, but before she left the hospital she told her grandma that she now wants to be someone who “treats patients and gives shots.” Perplexed, her grandma asked her why she had changed her dream. Faye told her that in the hospital she saw so many sick children get better after they “received shots from the uncles and aunties.” She said, “I want to wear a white coat so I can heal children as well!”

Hearing these words, her grandmother was incredibly touched (and understandably quite proud as well). She told her granddaughter that now that she was healed, she could study hard so she could go to medical school someday and help save other children just like her.

On behalf of little Faye, and all the other children who can now grow up to dream for their futures, we send our deepest thanks to all who support our Unity Initiative.

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