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Yasmin: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Yasmin is almost five years old and has been in our Dingyuan foster care program since mid 2009. She is a very energetic girl, and our China foster care manager says she brings joy and lightheartedness to all who encounter her.

This month our manager gave her a new doll. Yasmin was very pleased with the doll and immediately began to “care” for her. She said she was very pretty and loved that her eyes were able to open and shut. Yasmin was happy and eager to share her toy with her foster sister.

Yasmin has made great progress over the past year. She has started attending the local kindergarten and now seems much more focused in her daily routine. Yasmin needs an additional sponsor at $35 per month to help fund her foster care placement. Sponsors will receive monthly monthly update and photos of this lively, cute girl. Please consider sponsoring Yasmin and sharing with us as we watch her continue to develop with the love and under the watchful eye of her foster family.

Sponsor Yasmin in foster care

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