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Featuring the Preemie and Special Formula Fund

The medically fragile babies, like Vicente, in our healing homes have many needs. One of their most basic needs is good nutrition to help their bodies heal. For some of the babies, though, drinking a warm bottle of our standard formula isn’t a pleasant experience.


The nannies at LWB’s Starbridge Healing Home have been struggling to find a formula that little Vicente can tolerate. Recently they tried a soy-based formula. Now Vicente no longer pushes away his bottle and finishes his formula quickly! But he prefers his bottle on the warmer side—if it is too cool he will refuse it. He is now taking small amounts of formula about every two hours.


While Vicente is tolerating the soy-based formula better than milk-based formula, he continues to have difficulty feeding and is not gaining weight as steadily as we would like. We have sent our China team a long list of ideas shared by our medical advisors and parents of cleft-affected children. In addition we continue to research different specialized formulas that might be more easily digested and thus help VIcente gain weight more quickly. We are happy to report, however, that Vicente gained a little bit of weight this past week, and it seems his voice is louder. Hang in there Vicente!! We will figure out something to help you grow stronger.

While we are pleased that we are getting closer to finding the best formula to help Vicente grow and gain weight, specialized formulas are very expensive. If you would like to play a role in Vicente’s journey of hope and healing, donations in any amount to LWB’s Nutrition Program’s Preemie and Special Formula fund will be used to help Vicente and other babies in our healing homes requiring specialized formula.

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