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Felicia and Nancy

Over the years, LWB’s Unity Initiative has helped families remain together in difficult times. Over the holidays, eight rural, impoverished families came to us requesting help funding surgeries for their children. Thanks to our Unity Initiative Fund, we were able to help many of these families immediately. However, two more families remain unfunded who have asked for help so that their daughters —  Felicia and Nancy — can have heart surgeries.


Felicia’s father is a farmer with many mouths to feed in his family. His mother, who lives with the family, has been ill for quite some time, and the family’s resources have been spent taking care of her. When it was discovered that one-year-old Felicia was suffering from congenital heart disease, her father borrowed money from friends and neighbors to pay for the surgery, but the family still needs additional help.

FeliciafamilyFelicia and her family

We are so happy that Felicia’s family learned about our Unity Initiative and look forward to being able to help her get the medical treatment she needs.

  • Click here to donate to Felicia’s medical expenses

Nancy is almost two years old and has struggled with repeated illness.  She often needed to be hospitalized, but it wasn’t clear what was wrong with her.  Her parents took her to a larger, more experienced hospital in the area but did not have the money to get the diagnostic tests done, so they returned home without any answers.


Recently, Nancy’s condition worsened significantly and her father brought her to the provincial-level Children’s Hospital where they diagnosed her with a congenital heart defect (VSD).

NancyNancy at home

Nancy’s father wrote a lovely letter asking for Love Without Boundaries’ help.  His closing sentences are as follows: “My daughter’s situation just cannot wait. I have to ask kind people around the world to help; help to save my innocent sick daughter’s life.”

  • Click here to donate to Nancy’s medical expenses

Thank you for reading their stories and considering a donation to help these families in need. No amount is too small to make a difference in their lives and will allow these families to remain together no matter the circumstances!

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