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Felicia: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Felicia is a precious young girl in LWB’s Believe in Me Shaoguan School. Her special need is “mental delay,” but from what we can see she doesn’t let this discourage her, and she is eager to learn!


When Felicia first joined her class, she was very shy and would not answer any questions or speak in class; she would just open her mouth and no words would come out. With a lot of love and attention from her teachers, she has begun to make great strides in speaking in turn during class and answering questions. She now loves her teachers so very much and enjoys helping them in the classroom during her free time.


Felicia is working on learning basic pinyin, poetry, and counting. She now knows her numbers one through ten! Her favorite class is music, and she loves to dance around… watching herself in the mirror and giggling. Her teachers are helping her work on her socialization skills as they report, although very friendly with her teachers, she does not spend much time playing with any specific child as her “best friend” yet. The teachers hope she will soon find a friend to play with every day. Although they appreciate her help, her teachers would like to see her “run and play” during recess time and build friendships.


Wouldn’t you love to watch this precious girl learn and grow, both in her school subjects and in her social skills? Felicia’s sponsors will be given access to a Shutterfly account where they can see new photos of her and her classmates, as well as receive quarterly updates on her progress. Sponsorships are $25 per month and provide a great opportunity to help change a young child’s life.

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