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Field Trip!

A field trip is always a memorable experience in the life of a child! At the end of 2016, some of the children from our Believe In Me orphanage school in Huainan went on a fun field trip with their teachers to the big city of Hefei.

The children were taken to a special ‘career center’ where they learned about a wide range of professions such as policeman, fireman, nurse, model, dairy farmer, and chocolate maker.

They got to dress up and role play…and you can see for yourself how much fun they had!

Nursing brought out the children’s tender and loving side.

Brian Christopher as a nurse

Chloe and Paul practice feeding babies

Nurse Daisy

Brandon thinks he might like to try another profession…

Lee looks a bit unsure about becoming a dairy farmer.

Luke, however, finds it quite amusing!

Dressing up and pretending to be firefighters and policemen were activities enjoyed by all!

Joshua the jolly firefighter

Firefighter Luke, ready to report for duty

Daisy the policewoman

They enjoyed wonton soup for lunch and had milk, fruit, and a cookie on their way back to the orphanage.

Luke’s lunch

Daisy and Sean at lunch

Richie Mia and Lee at snack time

Sean drinking milk on the bus

These children who rarely go far from their orphanage enjoyed a much-deserved, fun-filled day of pretend and exploration!

We are so grateful for the generosity of some very special donors who made this field trip possible.

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  • JH says:

    We see first hand the effects LWB has on a child’s life. Our son spent 4 years in this orphanage, attending the Believe in Me School. He is kind, strong, funny, optimistic, and ready to take on any challenge with a huge smile. LWB and the many generous supporters continue to do such a huge part for humanity. I cannot LOVE them enough!

  • Mamarosanne says:

    So adorable. So glad they got to take a field trip. How exciting for them. Don’t you just want to hug them all?