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What are some of your most vivid and best memories from your elementary school years? One of my favorites was of a school field trip we took to the Wonder Bread factory in downtown Oklahoma City. At the end, we each received our own miniature loaf of freshly baked bread. I still remember the smell of the bread, the loaves moving along the conveyor belts, the bags, and even the twist-ties. The entire experience was fascinating to me.

The children of LWB’s Shantou “Believe in Me” School were recently given an opportunity to make some great school memories of their own when they took a field trip to a nearby garden and amusement park. This field trip was listed on LWB’s annual Christmas Wish List, and a generous donor chose to make this Christmas wish come true for the students in Shantou.

As you can see, the kids and teachers had a great time. It is one thing to read about plants and animals and see amusement park rides in a book. It is completely different and infinitely more memorable to see the animals up close, touch and smell the plants and flowers, and experience the rides yourself.

The children did not receive a loaf of bread at the end of their trip like I did, but instead were treated to an entire meal at a very nice restaurant to top off their very fun day.

Thank you, education sponsors, for making real life learning opportunities such as this one possible for our students!

Karen McGinty
Shantou Education Coordinator

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  • Amy says:

    Karen –

    Thanks for the pictures and the note you sent us – it was wonderful. We will keep them and put them in Mary’s scrapbook.

    Amy B. & Family