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Field Trip Fun for Believe In Me Students

Often in our busy lives we forget how amazing and exciting a shopping trip can be. Consider all the merchandise offered from clothing to food. The decisions and choices made between wants and needs, nutritional versus fun food, and keeping within a budget require critical thinking skills and experience. Four fortunate students from Believe In Me –Huainan traveled with their teacher, Kathy, by taxi to a local super store in Huainan, Anhui.

The students entered single file into the supermarket, ready for their shopping adventure. They nervously stepped onto an inclined moving walkway journeying up to the second floor.   Everyone excitedly talked at once as they took in all the store had to offer. “Look how pretty the coat is!” “Look, look at how interesting the toys are.” The new shoppers proceeded to the stationary department and were given a budget of 35 rmb (about $5 US) each.  All students seriously considered the shopping task, picking and choosing items to stay within the assigned budget, thinking through the math, adding and subtracting, counting on their fingers and then finally selecting their items.

The group proceeded to the fruit and vegetables section and were introduced to produce they had never seen before. With the shopping complete, they each checked-out, received a bag and a receipt, and said “Thank you.” The shopping trip was a wonderful practical learning experience for our students. We hope that each BIM–Huainan student will get the same exciting shopping trip opportunity in the future.

Last month, several other children joined Kathy at a restaurant where they learned to order and practice table manners. The food in Huainan is absolutely wonderful, and we’re sure the smells and flavors were so yummy to the kids. There is so much to be learned in life for these great children!

Karin Cooper is the Believe In Me — Huainan School Assistant Coordinator.

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