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Fighting For His Life… Again

This is Samuel. Samuel has defied all odds to make it to celebrating almost 22 months here on the earth. This little boy was born with a very serious heart defect. He received first stage surgery and was recovering when he suffered a very serious brain bleed. Several doctors told us nothing more could be done for Samuel; so we put him into a home where he would receive lots of love and care for the remainder of his days. Obviously no one told Samuel because, for the most part, he eventually recovered!

When we were told Samuel was healthy enough for surgery, we had him moved to an excellent hospital in Shanghai where he recently received the second stage heart surgery he required. He is now fighting for his life again. This little boy has fought a hard fight all his life and is continuing the fight, but he can’t do this alone.

He needs our support and love right now, and he needs a lot of medical care. If you would like to learn more about Samuel and how you can help, please click here: http://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/medical_sponsor_child_detail.cfm?child_id=617&mc_id=101

On behalf of Samuel, thank you!

Kate Finco
Medical Co-Director

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