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Fighting Hunger Through Hot Lunches

Approximately 75% of children in Cambodia are chronically malnourished. We’re working to change that number through our hot lunch program in our Believe in Me schools.

Ruby tells us that she eats as much as she can for lunch at our Believe in Me Sokhem school because she doesn’t know when she will have the opportunity to eat again. It’s heartbreaking, isn’t it? Yet this type of food insecurity is quite common in this region of Cambodia.

Like Ruby, many of our students come from impoverished families and don’t have the certainty of eating regular meals. That’s why we are so excited about today’s Hot Lunch campaign!

Just $20 feeds a child for an entire month, and our goal for today is to raise enough funds to feed 20 more children in December. As of tonight, we’ve raised enough to feed 9 new children.

You can help us feed a child who is hungry by donating $20. Be a part of our one-day Hot Lunch campaign and donate today!

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