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Filling Tummies for Children’s Day


June 1st is known as International Children’s Day around the world. Children’s Day, or Liù Yi Guójì Értóng Jié, as it is known in China, is a day that honors the child. In China, children have the day off of school, and children’s admission to many fun and cultural activities is free on this day. It is a day filled with fun, a day that celebrates the joy that is being a child.

Unfortunately, even on Children’s Day, there are children who go hungry or suffer from malnutrition. It is our wish that this Children’s Day you will join us in feeding a child.

Special Formula Program
Babies born prematurely or with complex medical conditions can require special formula. Special formulas are difficult to find in China and are also extremely expensive.


Three month old Yi Xuan was born with anal atresia. Little Yi Xuan has had her first surgery, but she needs to gain weight and grow stronger in order to have the second. This has been particularly difficult as Yi Xuan’s intestines are not absorbing the nutrients she needs. Thanks to LWB’s Preemie and Special Formula fund, we were able to quickly send special formula that is easily digested and packed with calories to help her heal and grow enough for her second surgery.

bottle feeding

Little Yi Xuan’s formula costs $500 every month. That’s $17 a day, approximately what it costs two people to see a movie in a theater. Your donation of $17, or any amount, could help feed Yi Xuan or a baby just like her struggling to heal and gain weight.

Vitamin Program
Tyrone recently turned two and was born with cleft lip and palate. His cleft lip was closed as an infant, and Tyrone traveled from our Huainan Believe In Me toddler class to the cleft exchange in Kaifeng for cleft palate surgery during our 2014 Cleft Exchange.


Unfortunately, Tyrone was not able to have surgery during the exchange because he was found to be severely anemic. The team believes that this is due to chronic malnutrition.

Feeding any picky toddler can be a challenge, but it is more complicated in a busy orphanage where there are so many children to feed and it is difficult to keep track of which child finished dinner and which did not. Vitamin supplements would better ensure that children like Tyrone receive all the vitamins and minerals, like iron, they need to be ready for surgery as well as growing healthy and strong. A donation of $15, the price of a lunch out, will provide high quality liquid vitamin supplements to children like Tyrone for two months. We can’t wait to hear that Tyrone is healthy enough for surgery to repair his cleft palate.

Cereal Program
Traditionally, the first solid food for babies in China is congee, rice porridge. It is easy to make and easy to digest. Unfortunately, congee does not have all the vitamins and minerals busy little bodies need to be well nourished.


Foster mothers and nannies are grateful for the cereal which helps babies gain weight more quickly and is easy to prepare. Cereal can even be added to formula for the particularly picky baby for added calories. A box of enriched cereal costs $4, the price of an afternoon cappuccino, and feeds a baby or toddler for a week.

Regardless of whether you call it International Children’s Day, Día del Niño, or Liù Yi Guójì Értóng Jié, we hope you will join us in honoring children around the world, especially by filling their tummies so that they too can grow up healthy and strong to enjoy many more Children’s Days.

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Nathen! Thanks so much for your interest in donating to our Nutrition program. We absolutely will accept donations by PayPal. On the “Donate” page, directly under the photo where it says, “Change a child’s life today,” it says in blue letters, “We also accept PayPal.” You can link to our PayPal page from there, or you may use this directly link: https://www.lovewithoutboundaries.com/paypal-donation/

  • Nathen says:

    I know it’s for a good cause.
    But do you accept donations by PayPal? I’m not very comfortable supplying credit card information.