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Final Day of Surgeries in Hefei

When we walked onto the unit today, we were met by a chorus of crying babies.  It seemed everyone was fussy; after awhile, it started to sound like a song.   I really think that after one kid started to cry, then everyone decided it was the thing to do.  The ayis were trying so hard to calm the babies.  Sometime mid-morning, everyone went  back to sleep, and it was very still and quiet.   Today was a day where the air was filled with celebration, and we were counting down the last few babies.  

Yao was first . . . Yao is a big boy with fat cheeks.  He can stand up in his crib and walk a bit holding on the the rail.   His surgery went quickly, and next was  Ping.   Make sure and click on each before and after photo so you can see the results full size.  Isn’t it so great to see the transformation?

Ping is a child who is in our Kaifeng foster care program.   He had a respiratory infection  which caused us to delay his surgery for a few days.  Today he was up and ready to go and did so well.  Don’t tell the other babies, but I think he may have been Dr. Ness’s favorite.  There was an adorable photo of Dr. Ness with him on yesterday’s blog. 


Rong was next, and we have taken to calling her “terrace girl.”  Her hair cut is soooooooooo . . . well let’s just say it looks like a lot of terraces on her head.   She tolearated surgery well and now has a pretty smile to go with her unique haircut. 

Ming was number four and had a very wide unilateral to be repaired.  She had on a chartreuse green knitted sweater, along with a matching green string tied around each ankle.    She is from Hefei SWI, and all of the ayis from there are very pretty with matching uniforms.  

Xue was last.  There was much debate over the week as to if we were going to do her.  She had been pretty sick in July, but we finally decided that she looked very healthy now, and our doctors didn’t want to leave any child behind.  I  am excited to report that all of our alternates were repaired.  

All of the children from day two went home, as well as some of the children from day three.  Bo  and Guang stayed over an extra day because they are so small. 

Tomorrow I will blog about the banquet we had tonight with the hospital staff. The team will leave tomorrow at 6:30.  Yvonne and I will be the only ones staying tomorrow.

What a great week it has been!  Enjoy some more beautiful photos below.

Wendy Petersen, R.N.

Medical Trips Coordinator



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