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Final Day of the Hefei Cardiac Exchange

On their final day in Hefei, the doctors had a wonderful visit and discussion with the cardiac staff of Anhui Children’s Hospital (ACH).

LWB has worked with ACH for over 13 years, and two of our cleft surgery exchanges were held here. Anhui Children’s Hospital cares for many of the babies from our Healing Home program, and we always know they will get excellent, compassionate care. Incredibly, this hospital sees over one million patients per year!

Rounds were also made back at Hefei Cardiac Hospital to visit the four patients who received heart operations during the Hefei Cardiac Exchange. Lincoln was sleeping soundly after he was thankfully able to be weaned from the vent.  That is always a huge step in recovering from open heart surgery, so we are celebrating his progress.

Lincoln still has some respiratory issues post-surgery, so he is getting regular breathing treatments. Don’t you love his little shock of black hair?

Lincoln was able to start taking milk from a bottle again, and we are really hoping that now with a healthy heart he can start to gain additional weight. With him being in our foster care program, we can make sure he gets all the high-calorie formula he will need.

Baby Gage still needs to be on the ventilator for now, so we aren’t going to share a new photo just yet. The doctors are hopeful that he can be weaned tomorrow.  We’ll share a pre-surgery photo just to remind you of how incredibly handsome he is.

Colton has started running a small fever, which doctors aren’t particularly concerned about right now. He is resting and sleeping as much as possible, as well as getting breathing treatments.

Colton’s heart function is really strong, so we are hoping he will feel much better very soon.

Kora needs lots of good thoughts sent her way as her heart went into arrhythmia suddenly last night. Doctors worked to get her stabilized, but she will need to stay in the hospital longer now so she can be followed closely. We are so glad Kora’s mom is right there with her at all times to help her feel safe and comforted.

All too soon it was time for Drs. Langley and Ringewald to head back to Shanghai to catch their flights home to Tampa. Everyone agreed it was a wonderful first exchange, and plans are already underway for a longer trip this fall to help children with more complex issues.

Left to right:  Dr. Langley, LWB Director Cindy Wu, Dr. Ringewald, LWB team member Hui Ping

None of this international collaboration would be possible without our incredible supporters – so THANK YOU for believing that every child deserves the highest possible medical care possible.  When we let love cross boundaries, the most remarkable things occur.

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