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Finding Patrick

In April of 2014, I was meeting with officials at an orphanage in Anhui province when a staff member ran into our room.  She explained that a newborn baby had just been found by the police and that the little boy was in need of emergency medical care.

Patrick's first photo

We were about two hours from Anhui Children’s Hospital and the skilled surgeons there, and so we immediately offered to drive the baby to Hefei so he could get the operation he needed to survive. I will never forget them bringing him to our van all bundled up with a cloth tie around his abdomen. As I peeked at his face, I could see that he was still covered in vernix, the waxy white substance which covers babies in the womb. He was no more than a few hours old, and yet he had already lost his family and was now completely dependent on strangers making sure his life would be saved.  His little face reminded me of one of my sons who was with me on that trip, so I gave him the Western name of “Patrick,” and we quickly made our way to the hospital.

Patrick post surgery anal atresia

Patrick did beautifully with his first stage anal atresia operation and then came to live with us at our Heartbridge Healing Home.


It was discovered soon after that he had also been born with a heart defect, which required surgery as well.  LWB’s amazing sponsors not only sponsored that surgery but also his two subsequent surgeries for his colostomy to be reversed.

2015-06-20 Patrick (4)

I am so happy to report that all of Patrick’s staged operations are now behind him, and he can go about the business of being a perfectly adorable and active toddler.

Patrick running 9.15

Of course, since I have held this little one in my arms several times, he is very dear to my heart. Each time we receive updates from China I quickly open his reports to see how he is progressing. Each one is honestly cuter than the next. I loved reading when he started babbling nonstop, and how he quickly learned to get his bouncy seat moving like crazy with his wiggles.


I learned that once he learned to stand, he would hold onto his crib bar each morning calling, “Mama, mama!” to let his nannies know he was awake and ready for the day.

Patrick crib

I cheered when I learned that he loves books and can listen attentively as his nanny reads to him each day.

2015-05 Patrick (8)

I prayed for him when he was in the hospital for his surgeries, and my heart was moved by his bravery.

2015-06-05 Patrick (3)

I know from my in-person visits with him that he is full of joy and smiles, despite all he has been through in his short life.


Patrick’s adoption file has been available since spring, and yet no family has stepped forward to make him their son.  I know his medical needs on paper probably sound intimidating at first, but when you are sitting in person with this little boy, watching him share his snacks with everyone around him and watching him blow kisses with his hand, all you see is an absolutely precious little boy who deserves a mom and dad of his own.


I am so thankful that Patrick has been in our care since the very first hours of his life, but our Heartbridge Healing Home is a transitional facility for kids pre- and post-surgery.  This little boy needs a permanent family to love him forever.

2015-06 Patrick (18)

I am honestly amazed that there isn’t a line a mile long of people wanting to bring him home, as I feel anyone would be blessed immensely with his enormous smile and sunny personality.  If my circumstances allowed it, I would have Patrick Jr. in my home as quick as can be.  But since that isn’t possible, I will continue to pray each night that somehow through our advocacy, his forever family will see his adorable face and just know, “We’ve found him! This is our son.”

Patrick 9.15

Thank you for sharing the news that Patrick’s adoption file is available. This little boy needs a family –  and perhaps it is your family who needs HIM as well!

~Amy Eldridge, Chief Executive Officer

Love Without Boundaries proudly advocates for adoption but is not an adoption agency. We invite you to contact adoption@lwbmail.com with questions about a child we have featured and encourage you to contact your adoption agency for more information about China’s Waiting Child Program.

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  • chinalwb says:

    Hi Jaime. We have heard that Patrick just met his forever family this week, and we are overjoyed! Thanks so much for inquiring about him.

  • Jaime says:


    Does Patrick have a family, yet?



  • Emily says:


    Just wanting to know more information in regards to adopting and the process/requirements.

    Is Patrick still in need of a family?

    Thank you,


  • chinalwb says:

    Also, we wanted to let you know that Patrick has a family working to bring him home!

  • chinalwb says:

    Hello Melissa! We have forwarded your inquiry to our Adoption Advocacy Team, and they should be in touch with you soon regarding your questions. Many thanks for your interest!