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Finn: LWB’s Featured Child of the Week

Please join us in welcoming Baby Finn to our Xinzhou Foster Care program in Jiangxi!  This beautiful little baby will now grow up in home-based care versus spending his days in a welfare institution.  His foster family is learning more about him each day and is working diligently to learn how to meet his physical and emotional needs.

Finn and his foster granny 

Born prematurely, Finn has gained in strength. Now he is described by his foster family as a strong baby who is interested in people around him and who is very content when being held.

Finn MayFinn’s double chin tells us that his foster granny is doing a great job feeding him.

Finn may be new to the world, but he is already quite sure of his likes and dislikes. Number one on the “like list” is eating! His chubby cheeks and double chin confirm his healthy appetite.


Some of the things that baby Finn doesn’t like too much involve going to bed and being covered with blankets in his crib. His granny says that he will kick at the covers with his feet and even use his hands to push them away until he is completely uncovered. Many grandmothers in China believe a baby needs to be completely bundled for their good health, so we can only imagine his granny constantly making sure that he is properly covered.  Occasionally, Finn does wake up after being put into bed, but he usually falls into a deep sleep by 11:00 and stays sleeping for the remainder of the night.

Sweet dreams, Finn!

Finn now has a loving foster family but he still needs a kindhearted sponsor to support his foster care.  Sponsorships are $40 per month, and our foster care sponsors receive monthly reports and photos.  Won’t it be fun to watch this beautiful chubby-cheeked boy grow?

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