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First Babies Have Surgery

Our first babies have gone to Anhui Children’s Hospital to have their lip repair surgery! These two little faces may not look familiar to you, because they aren’t actually “residents” of our home, but have been “houseguests” for about two weeks. They arrived in Hefei for surgery sponsored through LWB, only to find that ACH had no beds for them. So they have been waiting for space to become available and enjoying their time at our Cleft Healing Home. I was just thrilled to get this email from our Home Manager, you can tell what wonderful nannies we have in our home, that they would get so attached in two short weeks.

Zhang Ming writes: “Baby one and Baby two were moved to Anhui Children’s Hospital for surgery yesterday (Mar 25). Cleft home nannies were all feeling bad to have to part with the two little ones for a couple weeks for the surgery. They all hugged the little ones and kissed goodbye to them. They prayed in their heart for the smooth operations on the babies.

Baby one is going to get surgery tomorrow. Baby two has asthma and possible lung infection according to the surgeon, so he needs to get medication for the asthma first before operation”

We will all be praying along with the nannies that everything goes smoothly for this little one!

Sandi Glass
Cleft Healing Home Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries
“Every Child Counts”


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