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The Anhui Cleft Healing Home is up and running and we are getting to experience a series of firsts with our new babies. I wanted to share their first haircuts with you! I think our home manager did a wonderful job of writing about it, so I will let him tell the story (by the way, Paddy is our Assistant Home manager, driver and now barber extraordinaire):

‘The kids all settled down well at cleft home. They’re fattening up each day and their hairs are growing longer and longer. Two of the babies need to get haircut now. But it won’t be an easier job to bring them to a barber shop. One reason is that the babies will have to line up in the barber shop to wait their turns. It is hard to keep them stay calm without crying. Finally, Paddy said that he could do the haircut for all our cleft babies. He once learned the skill of hairdressing/haircut. So Paddy now has one more role: Cleft Home barber. He spent one morning in the market and bought a set of tools. In the afternoon, Paddy had two babies hair cut. One is Becca, the other is Kyle. Becca is a girl, so Paddy just trimmed her hair shorter. After haircut, Becca looks more smart and tidy. Kyle is a boy so Paddy did a traditional boy hairstyle for him. He looks cute with the new hairstyle. Doesn’t he look more handsome? The Nannies likes him even more with the new hairstyle. 🙂 The Nannies said they would like to have a free hairdressing done by Paddy next time. ‘

Kyle before his first haircut

Paddy seems to be enjoying his new role

Tada!! The new stylin’ Kyle.
He doesn’t look thrilled, but then again he

didn’t seem to fight the haircut!

Becca before

Becca with her new “do”

Okay, I have to admit, I may not have thought the babies needed haircuts quite yet. But who am I to speak? I kept my boys’ blond curls much longer than I should have when they were little! And the asian men in our local barber shop had to coax me into allowing them to cut my Chinese son’s hair, he really did look better afterwards! I am very happy that these babies are part of a family who decided they needed haircuts and then figured out the best way to give them. And I know their future families will be blessed to have these snapshots of their early lives!

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Sandi Glass
Cleft Healing Home Coordinator
Love Without Boundaries
“Every Child Counts”

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