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First Steps for Anthony

Anthony at Heartbridge Healing Home

Anthony came into orphanage care one year ago as a three-week-old infant suffering from a serious intestinal obstruction. Long overdue for the surgery needed to save his life, this tiny infant was in very serious condition. But a few phone calls between the orphanage and LWB’s China staff had Anthony on his way to Shanghai for his operation.

Anthony in hospital

Twelve months later and ten pounds heavier, Anthony has made it through his second and final surgery, and he is now pulling up to his feet and taking his first steps at our Heartbridge Healing Home. How amazing that he is right on target for this important milestone after such a difficult start to his life! Anthony is a happy, bright, amazingly typical little toddler, ready to walk right into the heart of a new forever family. We understand that his adoption paperwork will be submitted soon, and we can’t wait to celebrate when we hear that someone is lucky enough to bring this gorgeous little boy home.

Have a wonderful life, Anthony!

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