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First Time at the Beach!

During our recent teacher training in China, the children at the Believe In Me orphanage school in Jinjiang were treated to a trip to the seaside!

Jinjiangbeach1Lydia and volunteer Breclyn Everett get ready to hit the beach.

Getting a chance to walk on a beach and enjoy the water may be something we take for granted, but for these kids, it was a first. Most of these children have had very few opportunities to leave the orphanage, and so this was a day full of excitement and new experiences. What a delight!

Jinjiangbeach8 Ricky

Ricky runs on the beach, getting used to the strange feeling of wet sand on his bare feet.

Jinjiangbeach7 Howard

Howard lugs his bucket around everywhere.

Jinjiangbeach6 Henry

Henry points out something interesting to one of his teachers.


Everyone is having fun playing together!

Jinjiangbeach3 Eric

Eric is loving the sun and sand.

Jinjiangbeach5 Paulo

Paulo shows us something he found while digging.

Jinjiangbeach9 Jake

Vicki Cavalier, a member of our teacher training team, enjoys her time at the beach with Jake who may not be entirely sure about the sand and water…

Jinjiangbeach4 EricHannah

Eric and Hannah had a great day, along with everyone else.  Even those who weren’t too sure of the water lapping at their toes at the beginning of the day were “toes in” when it was time to return to the orphanage!

We hope this is a special day that these children will remember for the rest of their lives!

(We want to give a special thank you to Quirkie Kids for donating the cute Best Friends rhino T-shirts that all of the Jinjiang children wore on the field trip.  We are so appreciative of your donation!)

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