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Five Beautiful Before and Afters!

In November, five children traveled to Shanghai to receive free cleft lip and palate surgeries at Fudan Hospital.  A month before, Fudan contacted us to offer children in our programs these free surgeries to celebrate the opening of their new charitable organization, Bestway.  We scrambled to line up the children in time to travel, knowing this was a wonderful opportunity to receive very quality repairs.

Grace and Tony before

One of the major stumbling blocks we faced was finding caregivers to stay with the children in the hospital.  Grace and Tony came from an orphanage in Guangdong Province where we recently started an education program, and there weren’t enough nannies from their orphanage to send on the trip.  Grace and Tony are both four years old and had open cleft lips.  They had waited so long for their new smiles and we didn’t want them to have to wait any longer.

Thankfully, through some friendships, the HuaQiao Foundation happily stepped in to help.  Two wonderful and loving nannies cared for Grace and Tony while they were in the hospital for their lip surgeries. 

Grace and Tony nanny

The nannies brought them gifts and sang to them and made Grace and Tony’s experience in the hospital a positive one.  You can see what a great time they had despite their lip pain.

Sansa and Yancy travelled from our foster care program in Huainan to Shanghai to receive palate surgery.   


This is a painful surgery, but both girls were back to flashing sweet smiles within two days.

Sansa and YancySansa

And 11-month-old Jack, who was recently abandoned in Anhui Province, also got to have his lip surgery.  He was then discharged into our Fuyang foster care program.

Jack before and afterJack before surgery, and when discharged from the hospital.

Bestway had a banquet one evening after the surgeries took place and invited some of the children to the stage.  Jack, Grace, Tony, and their nannies were treated like celebrities!

Grace and Tony celebration

You can see how beautiful these repairs were by comparing Tony and Grace’s before photos with a photo taken of them just one month after surgery.

Grace and Tony before

Grace and Tony after

We are so thankful for the help of Fudan Hospital, the Bestway Foundation, and the HuaQiao Foundation for partnering with us to help these sweet children have a beautiful beginning to 2014!

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