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Flower Girl Lily

Late last year, a baby girl was found abandoned and extremely malnourished in central Uganda.  She suffered from a severe protein malnutrition that caused her face and body to swell and look puffy.

Soon after, Lily came to live at the Tender Hearts Baby Home and is now being cared for in LWB’s Mukono Baby Room. Despite her hard beginnings, Lily has adjusted very well to life in the home. She has become a very happy and healthy little girl.

She has bonded well to her nanny, and she follows her wherever she goes. In fact, Lily loves to move. She is one of the first children who come to greet visitors and likes to be free to move all over and explore!

This spring the staff discovered that true to her LWB name, Lily absolutely loves flowers. They say she likes to see and touch them and sings and talks to them when she is near them. What a sweet little girl! We are so grateful that Lily is able to live at the home in such a welcoming and cheerful environment and enjoy the beautiful Ugandan nature around her.

Lily truly needs a sponsor to help support her in the Mukono Baby Room. Sponsorships may be shared, and sponsors receive monthly reports and photos. We hope you’ll enjoy watching Lily bloom!

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