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Focus on Formula for 2011

Without spending a dime, you can help give children in China the gift of a full tummy this year! Suzanne Damstedt, an LWB volunteer who directs our Nutrition and Orphanage Assistance program, is trying to win $10,000 for baby formula in a contest sponsored by Ford Focus. Our budget for formula in 2011 will be $100,000 – and so winning $10,000 (one-tenth of our budget) would obviously be a huge blessing!

Voting is quick and easy and can be done each and every day until December 31 by anyone on Facebook. If you’ve already voted for Suzanne’s video, please click here to vote that you “Love it”, and share with all of your friends and family on Facebook. We would love their votes, too!

If you haven’t yet voted for LWB and Suzanne in the Ford Focus contest, here are three easy steps to follow:

1. Go to the Ford Focus page on Facebook and “Like” it by clicking the large “LIKE” button at the top of the page. You will need to agree to allow Ford Focus to access your Facebook page.

2. Click on the “Global Drive” tab at the top of the Ford Focus Facebook page; then scroll down and click on “Rate Videos”.

3. Look for Suzanne’s video, which has a blue background and says, “There are lots of things in life that you can start…” Currently, her video is on the second page. Under the video is a button where you click “Love it!” Please click here to vote and share on Facebook so others will can join in the voting as well.

Voting daily in the Ford Focus contest takes just seconds once you set it up…and winning the contest would be an amazing holiday gift for orphaned babies needing formula!

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  • K says:

    What an easy way to help! Please, please, everyone DO THIS for the sake of an innocent, helpless, hungry child.

  • Suzette says:

    So thankful for LWB and all you provide. This is my little girl in the far right and I am so glad she had LWB to provide her shoes and clothing until we could bring her home.