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Focus on Formula Update

2011 has been a very eventful year already for Suzanne Damstedt, an LWB volunteer who directs LWB’s Orphanage Assistance and Nutrition programs! Many LWB supporters will remember that Suzanne entered a contest sponsored by Ford Focus to win $10,000 for infant formula (“Focus on Formula in 2011”). With your support and votes, Love Without Boundaries was one of the lucky winners!! On top of that initial $10,000, Suzanne then was given the opportunity to drive a brand new Ford Focus 10,000 more miles around the United States for the opportunity to raise even more money for the babies in our nutrition programs.

Over the weekend, Suzanne met the challenge and completed her drive of 10,000 miles! Her goal was to match Ford’s donation and raise an additional $10,000 for the Preemie and Special Formula fund. However, the donation deadline is coming up on April 14, and Suzanne needs your help to reach that goal. If you can help, please visit her blog, Focus on Love Without Boundaries, to learn more about her journey and her dedicated quest to raise funds for the babies in LWB’s Nutrition program. You can donate to this cause directly from her blog or at LWB’s website. ┬áThanks to everyone who has supported this wonderful cause to help fill babies’ tummies!

Suzanne and her trusty Ford Focus

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