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Focus on Foster Care: Zhang Village

May has arrived and with it a holiday celebrated by many around the world: Mother’s Day, or Mothering Day as it is known in the UK and Ireland. This May, we celebrate the women in our programs who love and care for children in their care and focus particularly on foster care.

Aidengrandma3.15Aiden and his foster granny

In our Zhang Village foster care program in Anhui, we have a number of dedicated foster parents who give their all to the children in their care. We’d like to introduce you to the children in this program…and their foster parents as well!

Handsome Aiden is five years old and loves going to school. He is a leader among his peers and enjoys being at the front of the class.

Aiden4.15Aiden in school

Aiden is a gentleman in training as he is happy to assist his foster granny at the market and is quick to help carry in grocery bags. One of Aiden’s favorite activities is playing hide and go seek with his foster sister and friends.

Alan is a precious little guy who loves to be snuggled. He has discovered the joys of being mobile in his walker and quickly scoots to the door when he hears that his foster parents are home from work or the market. Brightening up everyone’s day with his adorable smile, Alan is growing and thriving in foster care.


Little Joe just arrived in Zhang Village Foster Care from Anhui Healing Home and is already adored by his foster family. As Joe settles into family life, he prefers to be held where he feels secure. With busy older foster brother Etan in the home, little Joe has plenty of activity to watch. We look forward to the day that Joe is toddling around after his foster brother.

LittleJoe5.15Joe (not so little anymore!)

Darling little Vivienne is also a new arrival to Zhang Village Foster Care. She, like Little Joe, has just graduated from Anhui Healing Home. Vivienne has already begun transitioning into her new foster family. She is smitten with her foster father and recognizes him from a distance. She knows that he will pick her up, so she leans forward expectantly, ready to be lifted into the air. How wonderful to feel so secure and loved already!


Tony is our last new arrival to Zhang Village! He, along with his buddies Vivienne and Joe, graduated from AHH into a foster family. This sweet boy is a music lover! He rocks his body, shakes his head and will occasionally babble while listening to music. Tony has also discovered the well-known game of “I throw it down, you pick it up”. Everyone in the home is more than happy to fetch his toys for him.


You can read the latest update on the Zhang Village Foster Care program here.

We hope you will considering sponsoring one of these darling children and becoming part of the community who supports them. What better way to honor a mother in your life than by allowing these children the opportunity to know the love of a foster parent?

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