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Focus on Guizhou Foster Care

Two years ago, we began working in a rural area of southern Guizhou. This beautiful, mountainous region, home to the Miao ethnic minority people, originally had a very small orphanage near the center of the city.

This past year, a huge new facility was opened on the outskirts of town. However, the director of this orphanage still believes that every child possible should grow up in a family setting. We have loved partnering with them on foster care and now wish to add ten additional children to the LWB program. Our manager in this region is a young man who originally lived in Eastern China but who became an expert on minority cultures during college. He had traveled to Guizhou many years ago, and once he met the people there, he decided to make it his home. He loves visiting with the local children and families in our foster care program, and every month sends reports and photos on the kids’ progress.

Sponsorships are $35 per month, and each child needs three sponsors to fully cover his or her costs of living in a loving home. We have personally visited the foster families in this rural region, and the babies and children receive such attentive care. The majority of small homes are all in one area, so the children get to play together outside. When we visit, it is very common for all the families to gather around in the homes, all laughing and sharing news on the children, because it is a very connected community.

We hope you will look at the photos of the children below and choose to get involved in making a very real difference in an orphaned child’s life. We are one of the very few charities which sends MONTHLY reports to sponsors, so you will be able to follow their progress. By giving just a tiny bit more than $1 per day, you can know you are providing your sponsored child with a chance to leave the walls of an institution and instead grow up in a truly close-knit village of families. What a lifelong impact that can make for a child emotionally. Thank you for sharing their photos with your friends and family who might also wish to get involved!

To sponsor one of these lovely children, please visit our sponsorship page. We know you will enjoy becoming part of their story of hope and healing!

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