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Formula for Babies: LWB’s Featured Project of the Week

Formula for BabiesQuality formula, which comes at a premium price, is essential for babies to grow and thrive, particularly when they have medical needs. Last December we received the unexpected news that Nestogen, our formula of choice, would no longer be available in China. We have switched to Lactogen, a formula that is produced by the same company and has a similar formulation; however this formula comes with a price tag that is almost twice that of Nestogen. For example, in 2011 we paid $4.19 per bag of Nestogen. In January this year, our cost was increased to $7.13 per bag for Lactogen formula… nearly a two-fold increase! On top of that, our supplier is no longer able to provide free shipping and this adds an additional cost.

Of course our babies’ appetites haven’t decreased. We would be very grateful for your one-time donation or ongoing monthly donations to our General Nutrition fund to help meet our increased expenses and to continue helping these deserving babies receive the formula they need to grow and thrive. Sponsors will receive quarterly updates and photos of babies helped.

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