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Formula Information from More Orphanages

We continue to check on orphanages where we’ve provided assistance this year.  Here is information from several more orphanages:

Qingyang (Gansu) said they appreciate our concern for the babies.  They use Mengliu (recalled brand) but will switch to a different brand now. They told us they have examined their babies, and they all seem fine.  They are receiving a shipment of Nestle formula thanks to the Qingyang adoptive parent group.

Wuchuan (Guangdong) said they use Nestle, which has tested safe; the babies are doing well.

Yangjiang (Guangdong) said they use Jingding (recalled brand) but haven’t found problems with the babies.

Yifeng (Jiangxi) said they feed Mengliu (recalled brand) to the babies. All their babies were examined and no problems found.

Laura Baldwin
Special Projects Director

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