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Formula Recall

Many of you have heard about the recent recall of Sanlu brand formula in China. It is impossible to know all of the orphanages that may have used this brand, but we can let you know that our LWB nutrition program uses only Nestle Nestogen or Lactogen; and Wyeth S-26 or Gold brand formulas.

In Anhui, our formula programs include:

Dingyuan: orphanage

Fuyang: foster care and orphanage

Huainan: some children in orphanage

Xiaoxian: foster care

Cleft healing home: all children

In Chongqing:

Nanchuan: orphanage

Xiushan: orphanage

In Fujian:

Qingliu: orphanage

Jinjiang: orphanage

In Gansu:

Dingxi: orphanage

In Guangdong:

Gaoming: orphanage

Shantou: orphanage

Shunde: orphanage

Qujiang: orphanage

In Henan:

Kaifeng: foster care

In Jiangxi:

Shangrao Ling: some children in orphanage

In Sichuan:

Deyang: orphanage

In most cases LWB does not provide 100 percent of the formula that an orphanage uses, but at this time we do not know of any orphanage in our nutrition program that uses Sanlu for their own formula purchases. No problems have been reported within our nutrition programs.

Adopting parents may wish to bring formula from home: whatever brand your pediatrician recommends should be fine. If you know your child is currently receiving Nestle formula, Carnation Good Start may have the most similar taste. If you wish to purchase formula in China, Nestle Nestogen and Lactogen are readily available in most cities and will have a more familiar taste to your babies. If your baby doesn’t care for his or her new western formula, a small amount of sugar may help as Chinese formulas tend to be sweeter. Just be sure to wean off the extra sugar within a few weeks.

Jan Champoux

Nutrition Director

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  • Linda says:

    I wondered if anyone going to China or in China would be able to save me an empty bag of the Nestogen Formula made by Nestle? I wanted an empty bag of it for our daughter’s scrap book. I thought we saved a package that we brought home but I can’t seem to find one. Any help in finding a bag of it would appreciated. I can’t find it in the US. Thanks! Linda

  • Emily says:

    Thank you so much! We are waiting to travel to Loudi, Hunan to adopt a 13 month old there from the LWB foster care program…..are you aware if these FC programs recieve the same formula as the nutirtion program??? My stomach has been in knots!!!

  • Kimberly says:

    Thank you, Jan, for sharing this information. We are in China now, adopting our 10-month old daughter. She takes 4-5 bottles a day still, and I just couldn’t see a good way to wean her in this time of adjustment, plus she needs the nutrition. We have been using the Nestle and Wyeth formulas on the advice of our guides and after researching the situation online. Your post eased my mind a lot, since we are in China until the weekend and have long since run out of American formula.