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Foster Brothers Asher and Zeke

Last September, two little boys entered the same foster family. Asher was five years old, and Zeke was three. These two boys are not related by blood, but they have become extremely close and are definitely brothers in their hearts!

Asher is quiet and shy by nature. especially around adults. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, Asher is being homeschooled by his foster mom. She tells us that he is very clever and has an excellent memory.

Asher has discovered a new hobby — singing! With his hands stretched up to the sky and his arms raised up, he sings sweet-sounding gospel songs straight from his heart. Asher never goes to bed or eats a meal without saying a prayer of thanks (and loves to lead his little foster brother Zeke in prayer as well).

Unlike Asher, Zeke is quite carefree and vocal. As the youngest in the family, Zeke’s job is to keep everyone entertained.

He is quite the comedian and lovingly imitates his foster mother. Another of Zeke’s talents is storytelling, complete with actions to illustrate his tale. Zeke surely keeps his foster mom and big foster brother Asher on their toes.

As a baby, Zeke lived in our Mukono Healing Home, and his foster mom was his nanny there. These two have shared such a special bond and absolutely adore each other. You can see that even as a baby, Zeke had the funniest expressions!

At this time, Asher does not have a single sponsor supporting his foster care placement. Please consider stepping up to be his very first! Sponsors will receive regular photos and reports on his activities and development.

We’ve often had sponsors tell us how rewarding it is to give a child the opportunity to experience family life and how much they look forward to getting their sponsored child’s updates in their email every month. We hope that someone will stand with Asher!

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