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Foster Care Challenge

LWB’s foster care programs in China allow approximately 300 children in seven provinces to share in the love of a family of their own. Many of us look forward to seeing the photos of these darling children with their doting foster families. It’s evident to see how much care and love they are receiving in a home environment!

A generous donor has stepped forward who understands the great importance of foster care to the lives of these children and has offered to match any donation made to the LWB Foster Care program made between February 15 and March 15, 2010…up to $36,000!  With this in mind, we thought we would take a few moments to share with you some of the needs of our foster care program and what it takes to make it a success for each and every child.

Start up day for one of our foster care programs.  Families have picked up their new foster child and receiving cribs, bowls, bedding and other essentials.

Every time a child enters one of our foster care programs, there are charges. We pay for the child and the foster family to undergo health checks, provide a safe crib, and supply initial toys and clothes. These start-up fees run around $250 per child.  Each child has two sponsors who pay for the foster parent salaries through their monthly subscriptions. However, those subscriptions only just cover the foster care fee, leaving us little money for anything extra.

Last summer, little Niamh had a fever and needed to see a doctor.

Also, as with all children, our foster children sometimes become sick and need to see a doctor. LWB covers these minor medical bills. Many of the children in our foster care programs also have medical special needs. While our medical program and donors pay for any required surgeries, these children often require ongoing physical therapy, like Liam in the top photo, and equipment like pediatric walkers.

Freddie was born with one leg shorter than the other and is now learning to walk.  In this photo, he was borrowing his sister’s walker because he didn’t have his own.  Wouldn’t it be great to be able to order these walkers for every child who needs one?

In the future, LWB hopes to open additional foster care programs as we have witnessed the the life-changing results that can occur when an orphaned child is placed into a loving home. However, before we can consider starting up new programs, we have to take initial start-up fees into account.

Post-surgery, children like Alex and Emma often go from our healing homes directly into foster care and still require high-calorie formula and other special care.

Times are tight, and so we’d love to hear from you about creative ways that could help raise some spare money for our foster care kids.  How about a coffee morning at your workplace, or even skipping your morning latte for a week and putting that cash aside for these kids?  Perhaps you could even create a game and challenge your kids to look for spare change in their rooms or under the sofa cushions?   Letting friends and family, church, work and school communities know about this challenge is a great way for everyone to get involved in raising a few dollars here and there.

Any amount will help — especially when it is doubled — and we hope you will consider making a donation to our Foster Care General Fund before March 15.  Wonderful things are already being done to care for these children in our foster care programs, and we are busy dreaming of what more we could accomplish!

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