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Foster Care Fundraiser Challenge

As we begin to celebrate the Year of the Rabbit, we invite you to help us make it a happy year ahead for orphaned children in China by participating in our Foster Care Fundraiser Challenge. Our foster care programs in China allow approximately 250 children in seven provinces to share in the love of families of their own. Wonderful sponsors pay for the foster care fees through their monthly donations, but those funds cover just the basic caregiver salaries and monitor fees. Because we believe in treating the “whole child” and allowing them to reach their fullest potential, there are many other child care expenses that LWB believes must be met.

Last year in February we held a very successful Matched Giving Fundraiser for foster care. The money raised went to cover many items, including the fees incurred when a new child enters a program. Click here to see a video about our foster care program, or look below to meet Farrell, Kerry and Eoin — just a few of the children impacted by last year’s fundraiser.




Many children in foster care have special needs, physical disabilities, and/or mobility issues. General foster care funds help pay for their medical exams and to also provide adaptive equipment. One of our new projects for 2011 is to supply iron rich cereal to the children in our foster care programs who are currently under the age of two. This will cost approximately $10 per child per month. We also want to provide increased physical therapy to children needing it and need to raise approximately $500 for physical therapy needs in our Dingyuan program on a trial basis.

Another big wish we have is to open even more foster care programs so that more orphaned children can know the love of family. However, before we can even consider starting a program, we need approximately $5,000 in place for each new program.  These funds cover check-ups for the children and allow us to purchase all required equipment and clothing, as well as providing initial salaries for the foster families while we search for monthly sponsors.

As we begin the Year of the Rabbit, we invite you to give thanks for the blessings in your life by contributing to our Foster Care Fundraiser Challenge.  Every dollar donated makes a difference to a child in need.

Please donate today. Our goal is to reach $10,000 by February 17!

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