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Foster Care in Sanmenxia, Henan

LWB recently signed a new foster care agreement with the Sanmenxia orphanage in Henan province to provide quality foster care to orphaned children. We believe fully that every child deserves to grow up in family care, and we’d like to meet some of the wonderful children from this program.

Three-year-old Morris loves to sing. Although he often makes up his own lyrics to the songs, he does so with great enthusiasm!

Two-year-old Simona loves to play. Her foster mother will often take her to their neighbor’s who has a child the same age so that they can play together.

Sweet four-year old Tucker wants to do everything his foster mother does.

Three-year-old Paulina is learning her animal names and noises and seems to have a real zest for life.

Westin is four years old and just started to attend school.

Four-year-old Deacon is a boy with a very healthy appetite. However, there is one food his foster parents say he refuses to eat:  green vegetables!

Six-year-old Miller loves to spend hours building towers with his foster father.

When we first met Sue two years ago she couldn’t walk or stand on her own. Now, this four-year-old is off and running with her foster mother close behind. Sue continues to wait to be matched with a family. (Read more about her on her advocacy blog, “Sweet Sue Waits For a Family“).

We have watched eight-year-old Shane grow over the past four years. He continues to wait to be chosen for adoption. (Read more about him on his advocacy blog, Seeking a Family For Shane.)

Ten-year-old Daniel has been in our foster care program for the past five years. He recently celebrated one of his favorite holidays, the Qingming Festival, where he got to do one of his favorite activities:  sweeping! Daniel continues to wait to be matched with an adoptive family.

We are thrilled to have these ten children in our foster care program and are looking forward to growing this program so more children will have the opportunity to live in a family setting. Please consider joining us in watching these children grow by becoming a sponsor.

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